Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mission and Vision of QSR AI Lab?

The mission of the QSR AI Lab is to develop real-world Artificial Intelligence technology to significantly accelerate the restaurant Industry.

What Research Is QSR AI Lab Built On?

QSR’s research is built on the powerful combination of Machine Learning Algorithms, deep learning, neural networks, large datasets and high-performance computing, all for immediate application.

How is QSR AI Lab applying continuous learning algorithms?

The QSR AI Lab is solving real-world problems in Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations, HR, and Equipment to create innovative ways to accelerate AI research focused on the restaurant industry.

Who is the Chairman of QSR AI Lab?

Michael Koch is the Founder and Chairman of QSR Labs. Michael’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence along with his vast knowledge of the Quick Service Restaurant industry led him to create the QSR AI Lab.

How does QSR AI Lab Enhance Marketing?

Our researchers and engineers utilize artificial intelligence to enhance the QSR customer experience through creating continuously learning algorithms to drive data-driven promotions, offers, and pricing. Each tactic is the result of gathering information about target audiences, demographics, trends, events, and market activity.

Does QSR AI Lab Increase Supply Chain Efficiency?

Our work increases efficiency across the QSR industry for product, supply, and actual market needs. We analyze historical data, past events, current events, weather patterns, and other factors that could impact product availability.

Can QSR AI Lab Improve Operations?

Our artificial Intelligence analyzes performance patterns of successful locations by reviewing past scenarios and comparing operational ratios such as seconds to service, drive-through times, customer satisfaction to make sure all efficiencies are optimized. Our goal is to create a full data-driven picture across all the business areas to make sure process, equipment, and teams are scalable to best serve your customers.

Does QSR AI Lab Monitor Equipment?

Our Lab creates smart tools that will monitor daily historical data to ensure the desired output of the equipment can be met based on specific sales goals. These smart tools will also work to make sure each piece of equipment is serviced and maintained regularly with 24/7.

Can QSR AI Lab Help Optimize HR and Staffing?

We factor proper employee ratios while deploying data-driven recruiting to find the best talent in immediate trading areas. We optimize shifts with up-to-date data to increase employee satisfaction and motivation. We are creating a complete QSR people solution.